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Miss Me Yet?

You smell that?

Something Smells in Washington. I think it's B.O. Get the Shirt

Chances are, unless you are a Barack Obama minion, it was when George W. Bush was president. Do you miss him yet? If so, you can still make your views known by joining The "Miss-Me-Yet?" campaign!

As an American, you can't forget when President Bush stood on the rubble of the World Trade Center in New York to promise the world that those who aided and abetted terrorism would pay.

George W. Bush was a straight talker who loved America and made no secret about it.

In his eight years as president he restored dignity to an office that had been shamed by the illicit escapades of Bill Clinton. When George W. Bush was in office, not only did we know where we stood as Americans… our enemies did as well.

The terrorists hate us… but they feared our president.

It was almost as if Americans forgot who they were when they elected Barack Obama with the murky promise of hope and change.

We all know what happened next… In record time, President Obama ran up a $15 trillion dollar debt that crippled America's economy and then made things worse with an ineffective "stimulus" program and "healthcare for all."

The fear that terrorists once had went away as he began bowing and groveling before our enemies.

Now not only do terrorists no longer fear America's president; they have no qualms about attacking one of our embassies and killing an American ambassador.

Obama's policies have killed jobs, tripled the number of people on food stamps, and undermined national security by cutting the military budget.

Then, just when we thought things couldn't get worse, Obama rammed an unpopular, unwanted healthcare law through a weak-kneed Congress. Obamacare is now turning our nation's healthcare system into an absolute mess.

How does Barack Obama respond when challenged concerning the failures of his administration? He still blames George W. Bush. OH REALLY?!?! Is that why so many Americans, including former supporters of Barack Obama, now miss George W. Bush? The "Miss-Me-Yet?" campaign is not over. As America continues to decline, more and more Americans are missing George W. Bush. If you are one of those, let your voice be heard.

Join us in thanking our 43rd U.S. President.