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Fellow Citizens:

Recent events have brought to light concerns about the impartiality of the Department of Justice and the potential weaponization of government institutions in the political arena against President Donald J. Trump.

Colorado’s Supreme Court ruled that former President Donald Trump is ineligible for office because of the Constitution’s “insurrectionist ban.”

Miss Me Yet? was created to remind all Americans just how good America was doing before Joe Biden’s awful presidency. Big Government worked alongside of Big Tech, Big Corporations and Legacy Media outlets to ensure Trump would not be president in 2020.

And if that wasn’t enough, they rolled out 91 cases against Trump across two state courts and two different federal districts, any of which could potentially produce a prison sentence. He’s also dealing with a civil suit in New York that could force drastic changes to his business empire, including closing down its operations in his home state. Meanwhile, he is the leading Republican candidate in the race to become the next president and leading in nearly every conceivable poll against Joe Biden.

As guardians of democracy, we must address these concerns head-on and strive for a political landscape that is transparent, just, and fair.

Despite the legal opposition and the challenges faced by President Trump, it is essential that we, the people, remain vigilant in our pursuit of a government that is accountable to its citizens. Regardless of political affiliations, we must champion the idea that every eligible candidate deserves a fair chance to present their vision for our nation's future.

In light of these considerations, we urge you to take a thoughtful look at the upcoming presidential election in 2024.

This is a call to action to ensure that our democracy remains strong, vibrant, and representative of the diverse voices that make up our nation. Let us demand transparency, fairness, and accountability from our government institutions, and let our voices be heard through our votes.

In summary, we miss Donald Trump. Under President Trump, there was no war between Russia and Ukraine, or Israel and Hamas. Three conservative justices were confirmed to the Supreme Court and over 200 judges were appointed to federal benches across America. The administration cut taxes and regulations, giving rise to a historic economic expansion and the lowest unemployment rate in five decades. The administration supported law enforcement, enforced our immigration laws, moved toward an immigration system focused on American needs instead of those of illegal aliens. America became an energy exporter and less reliant on foreign sources. The administration prioritized veterans’ care, worked to rebuild our national defenses, withdrew from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, and eliminated terrorist leaders who threatened the American people. And they brokered some of the most important peace deals in the Middle East in our lifetimes.

Will you join us in signing our Miss Me Yet petition to let our beloved President Donald Trump know just how much we miss him and will stand by him in 2024 and beyond?


Miss Me Yet?

A Petition by CBMJ Incorporated and its affiliate websites

During his four years, President Trump kept all of his promises. He restored our faith in the America our founding fathers envisioned. His policies brought millions of jobs back to the United States, employing higher numbers of minorities than any of his predecessors. He brought troops home. He brokered peace in the Middle East. He stood up for the unborn. He protected our right to free speech and to keep and bear arms. He strengthened our military and honored our vets. He secured our borders. He truly made America great again.

Join us. The sun will shine all the brighter for the 45th---and hopefully the 47th---President when we deliver this massive collection of your hands and hearts directly to Mar-A-Lago.

We are sending Donald Trump 77 million signatures.

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